12 Easy Steps ✔ to the Python Data Analysis, Beginners Guide



The aim is to show how each function works in Python. Thus, you will not only memorise what is on the screen but will gain understanding and will be able to apply to solve your unique problems


Convert data into insights with Python. Pick-up all the basics that you need to analyse and present data or uncover new libraries.


Start automating your repetitive tasks with Python. Understand all different ways you can become a more productive professional.


Learning python might sound hard and dull. But it doesn't have to. The course will make sure it is actually fun and exciting by using a coffee shop example.


The material will be super easy to learn and will go through everything you need to know to start programming with Python even if you have literally never done this before.


The course will dive into Python universe and will explain main concepts. So, you will know what to say if someone asks you about Python.

Course Curriculum

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  Steps 1-3 | Setting Up
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  Steps 4-6 | Coding Section: Basics
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  Steps 7-8 | Coding Section: Data Structures
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  Steps 9-11 | Coding Section: Automation & Logic
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  Step 12 | Coding Section: Arrays
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What Will You Learn?

  • Python Basics for Data Analysis
  • Python Beginners Guide To The Data Analysis
  • Develop problem solving ability
  • Start Developing Data Analysis abilities with Python
  • Learn to automate Data Analysis Task
  • Understand What is Python, Anaconda, Jupyter Notebook
  • Data Types
  • Data Structures
  • For Loops
  • If Statement
  • Functions
  • Arrays in Python


Why Learn Python for Data Analysis?

My name is Paulius. I have been working as Business & Data Analyst for multiple years in various international organisations. The amount of data these organisations are facing increases exponentially. So, I have decided that I need to know how to analyse, process and transform large sets of data. I could no longer entirely rely on Excel. It would crash anytime the data size grows larger.

Then, why Learn Python For Data Analysis? Well, Python is excellent for beginners because it has a simple syntax . Therefore, you will be quick to write programmes , make meaningful analysis , get those insights you need and start having some fun. Plus, Python has an extensive collection of libraries such as pandas, NumPy or matplotlib. They include tools that allow you to pull in powerful functionality like complex data analysis , machine learning and visualisations into your programs. In some cases, you will need only a single line of code.

One essential aspect of Python is a large community of users who are willing to help . It is crazy, what obscure data analysis problems I was able to solve using their assistants . Plus, the biggest companies like Google, Dropbox, Reddit and Instagram are using Python as well and with a good reason.

Course Prepared Using My Experience

Three years ago, I started my journey in learning Python. Picking up multiple tutorials and even building a fully functional online store. However, I have found that tutors in those courses almost always assume some level of programming experience. Even when the level is identified as a beginner, they would either not explain some concepts or start with detail explanations but by the end of the course, begin skipping. I believe this is because they learned basics some time ago and forgot what it takes and what would be unclear for a beginner. Hence, I would have to watch multiple video courses to gain a suitable basis for picking up more complex libraries.

For example, simple question how exactly index works in lists. Some reason courses I have seen would not dive into detail explanation, and I would have to find answers in online forums.

I have decided enough is enough, I need to help others, who want to learn data analysis with Python and want to do it smartly . Thus, I have created a Python Beginners Course to expedite your learning and generate value faster by going straight to the point of learning Python for Data Analysis. Through the course, I include my tips & tricks as well as lessons learned.

After you complete the course, you will be ready and equipped to handle more complicated libraries like pandas and know with confidence how Python works.

Do Not Need To Create Apps

Ok, you have decided to go with Python. But how to be smart about learning it? Various courses teach you basics that apply to the development of apps. Yet, when you analyse data , you may not need all that functionality.

Say, take my personal experience, I frequently need to create a one-off project with insights for my management. I would need to take several sets of data, transform and clean it. Then I would prepare insights’ reports or visualisations. But that does not require creating an app with complex functionality, error handling pr complicated UI.

Concentrate On What You Need

Therefore, for data analysis, creating fully completed apps could become a distraction. Even though you may use some of the other complex capabilities of Python in the future, it is not a requirement to start doing data analysis.

Ultimately, you will realise that there is so much functionality available for Python that you cannot learn everything. You will need to find a balance. If your goal is to analyse data, you should go more in-depth in data specific libraries and not try to learn a bit of every single library available for Python. ◕

Future Training

Why should you care about pandas, I hear you ask? Pandas is a genuine workhorse for data analysis. It allows you to analyse, transform, clean data and do much more in python. It is a fast, powerful, flexible and easy to use open-source data analysis and manipulation tool, built on top of the Python programming language.

If you want to be great at data analysis pandas is what you need. I have tried to include all the required basics in the course for you to be ready to handle pandas.

So, Let's Start!

So, brew a nice cup of coffee ☕, get some desserts and dig into “Python Beginners Guide To The Data Analysis Galaxy Volume 1”.

Enjoy and do not forget to have some fun! ✌ ☻☻☻

Who Is This Course For?

  • Business Analysts, who want to use Python for their day to day tasks and increase productivity.
  • Students, who what to start learning how to use Python for large sets of data.
  • Data Analysts, who want to use Python for their day to day tasks and increase productivity.
  • Inviduals, who would like to learn Python
  • Project Managers, who want to use Python for their day to day tasks and increase productivity.
Insights Spotter | Python Data Analysis


Hi, my name is Paulius

I am an experienced Business & Data Analyst as well as Project Manager with multiple years of experience gained in several international companies.

These days business problems require not just data crunching but also telling stories to make the right decisions. To put simply business needs insights.

This is where I come in. I have learned and applied Python, Power BI, SQL and Excel to analyse and present data. Also, gained experience in Project Management and Business Analysis. So, I can not only spot insights but execute business decisions. Moreover, I can teach you as well.


Python Beginners Guide Feedback

Fun and engaging - the author has a good sense of humour which makes the course fun and engaging.

Also, he sounds very helpful – everything is explained clearly to the last detail which to me seems key in coding...

Python Beginners Guide Feedback
Course covers what it says it would,

provided some cohesion to other courses on Python I have done and solidified my understanding. Well worth the investment in time and mony to do.

Python Beginners Guide Feedback
Easy to follow along. Really like it.
  • It was very useful and easy to study.
  • Good and easy to understand
  • I learnt more knowledge about python
  • Good source to attain knowledge
Python Beginners Course Guarantee

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Of course, if you did not learn anything new in this course I will refund full amount. I want you to get value from the course.