Business & Data Analysis, Project Management


I am an experienced Business & Data Analyst as well as Project Manager with multiple years of experience gained in several international companies.

These days business problems require not just data crunching but also telling stories to make the right decisions. To put simply business needs insights.

This is where I come in. I have learned and applied Python, Power BI, SQL and Excel to analyse data and present data. Also, gained experience in Project Management and Business Analysis. So, I can not only spot insights but execute business decisions. Moreover, I can teach you as well.

The school is all about Data & Business Analysis.

"Fun and engaging - the author has a good sense of humour which makes the course fun and engaging."

Also, he sounds very helpful – everything is explained clearly to the last detail which to me seems key in coding.

A great condensed version of automation basics - I found all Jupyter notebook functions that the coach explained very useful, I learned the basics of Python packages, data types, strings, data structures, lists, dictionaries, tuples, for loops, functions and if statements.

Loved the coffee shop example – it made everything so clear! :D

Easy to follow -right from the introduction, he made the course sound fun and fairly easy - this helped me get excited as I always thought coding is a rocket science.

Python for Data analysis - I have seen multiple python courses being offered before and it has made it difficult to choose from. This course differentiates itself by being focused on application for data analysis.

Therefore, I found his personal story easy to associate with - how after extensive research the author found python to be a solution in his professional life. I felt like he saved a lot of time for me.

I now truly believe I can use python to improve my efficiency at work – I deal with data sets a lot. This course has really inspired me to continue exploring Python capabilities.

Very useful practice tasks (available in introduction). I also appreciated his examples of common mistakes – saved a lot of time when practising.

> Aiste

Python Beginner's Guide Feedback
Python Beginner's Guide Feedback

"Course covers what it says it would, provided some cohesion to other courses on Python I have done and solidified my understanding. Well worth the investment in time and money to do."

> Steve Wilson